Ticket sales for all event sizes

Xpress-Tickets is a highly customisable ticket sales portal with QR code based sign ins

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Sell tickets for your event without the hassle!

We can set up everything for you, including ticket types, discounts and more.

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toolboxAll in One

No technical knowledge is needed in order to setp up an event and tickets as we do all the hard work for you.

  • Payments sent directly to your PayPal account on each sale.
  • Confirmation emails for each and every sale.
  • Full technical support, we can even answer your customers queries.
  • Free easy to configure QR Code reader application (For IOS).
  • Tickets can be produced on the door via device or printed out


Our creative team will create your own ticket sales portal with free short code web link for advertisement on your own social media platforms or website. Tickets can also be purchased directly from Xpress-Tickets.com.
We are also available for website design, flyers and promotional material, screen based motion advertisements and more, contact us for further details.

  • Website design and hosting facilities.
  • Full design studio for all your requirements.
  • Social Media account management.


All tickets, receipts and customer information supplied via email and as pdf files for ease of use.

  • Allow downloads of convention or information packs with each ticket sale.
  • utilise discount codes and early bird discounts to attract customers.
  • Take vehicle registration details for parking tickets, pre sell merchandise.

All these and much more can be configured for your event. Need to allow access to a form to only a select group of people? We have you covered with passworded form access!


If you would like further information on how we can provide tickets for your event...

  • Use the contact form to get in tuch with us.
  • Chat with us online (when available) using the pop up chat box.

We are here to help!

  • Customer support for you and your own customers.
  • Full excel based ticket sales listing for manual door entry where needed

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