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Tatcon Blackpool 10 - Artist Registration (2024)

Tatcon Blackpool 10 - Artist Registration (2024)


10th YEAR

Proudly sponsored by TC THREADS & STARR Tattoo Supplies

10th ANNUAL Tatcon Blackpool
Open to the Public - 17th and 18th AUGUST 2024

Important information relating to your application:

The convention currently hosts around 160 artists and is in the Norcalympia within the Norbreck Castle Hotel grounds on Blackpools' famous promenade. We also use the stunning ballroom for traders and judging, this is attached to the Norcalympia itself.


Booths are priced at:
3m x 2m (1 artist) £450
5m x 2m (2 artists) £850
7m x 2m (3 artists) £1250
9m x 2m (4 artists) £1650
11m x 2m (5 Artists) £2050
13m x 2m (6 Artists) £2450
15m x 2m (7 Artists) £2850

Any other size requirements can be entered into the form and the price will be automatically adjusted.

Should you require an extra 1 metre per artist (when booking a multi-artist booth), please select only LEAD ARTISTS from the drop down list.
Only choose Lead and Extra if you require the normal booth sizes as seen above.

There are no further costs associated with your booth, all prices are final and include:
Table, Chairs, Exam Table to work from (If required) Electricity and sockets, Couch Roll, Kitchen Roll, Clinical waste disposal. Access to free IT/Print room and advertising. Along with all licensing costs within the Blackpool Borough Council area.
Please bring your own solidifying Agent for the disposal of your wet waste.

You may pay either a £100 deposit (plus further payments) or in full via the form below.

Friday - 10am til 6pm - You may tattoo a model or VIP ticket holder on Friday - Work done will not count towards competition entries.
Satuday 10am til 8pm - Open to the Public
Sunday 10am til 8pm - Open to the Public

We operate on the principle that all artists are automatically accepted for the convention once they have completed their booking. However, should there be any issues, we reserve the right to inform artists within 7 days of their booking if they cannot attend. In such rare instances, rest assured that your deposit will be fully refunded. This method streamlines the process for both organisers and participants, making it unnecessary to send out acceptance communications to over a hundred artists, and instead focusing on the few instances where attendance is not possible. This ensures that artists have clarity and can plan accordingly, while we can maintain the high standards and smooth operation of the convention.

PLEASE also ensure each file and license is clearly named with the artist's name that the file represents.

Please DO NOT attempt to book Accommodation through the hotel directly as you will be charged full price for your rooms. 

WALK UP SUNDAY - We are looking for artists that are interested in not taking ANY booking for Sunday until they arrive at the convention. We call this 'Walk up Sunday' and we are doing this in order to take our convention back to the 'good old days' where you could attend the convention, pick an artist and get some ink on the day! 


Please click the BOOK NOW button below

If you have any queries whatsoever please contact us via our website at


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Event Date 17-08-2024
Location Norbreck Castle Hotel

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