With Xpress-Tickets' secure QR Code technology, you can ensure that your event tickets are protected from potential fraud. Each ticket comes equipped with a unique QR Code that is rendered void once scanned, preventing any duplicate entries or unauthorized access.

Our free QR code reader is simple to configure, allowing for easy implementation by staff members using a mobile phone or tablet device. Once set up, the app can be used for multiple events, streamlining your ticketing process.

In addition to the enhanced security measures, our system provides you with valuable insights into your event attendance. By tracking the number of tickets sold versus the number of attendees scanned at the door, you can gain a better understanding of your event's performance and make data-driven decisions for future events.

Don't take any chances with ticket fraud at your next event. Contact Xpress-Tickets today to learn more about our secure QR Code technology and start planning your next successful event.