Xpress-Tickets can sell tickets for all event types and sizes. We also have the facility to create multiple ticket types. For example, your customer can register for your event for the whole weekend or just for the day. They can register their vehicile, along with vehicle registration details. Why not add a merchandise order pre book so they can pick up a pack on entry including a T-Shirt or other merchandise items.

If you have traders or other special guests appearing, they themselves can register for attendance with various stall or booth sizes. Your customers can also register to meet and greet with a special guest or pre pay for autographs.

For conventions your traders and/or (for tattoo conventions) artists can register to attend the event with various booth sizes available at different prices to suit each studio size. They can also show interest n the booking for for things like accommodation at the venue.

Small concerts are ideally suited for quick turnaround sales where tickets are emailed immediately to your customers, even up to 5 minutes before the event starts or whilst they are at the door if tickets are only available online!