Are you looking for a powerful solution to manage your event registration? Our system offers you a variety of features to create and manage events of any size, with flexible options that suit your needs. Here are some of the key features:

  • Recurring Events: Create multiple instances of same event that recur daily, weekly, monthly, or on a set of dates. Each child event is an independent event with its own registrants, registration form, and tickets. Updating parent event can update information of all children events.

  • Flexible Pricing: Configure pricing in different ways such as single price, group registration rate, fixed group pricing, early bird discount, members discount, bundles discount, and late fee.

  • Flexible Coupons System: Create coupon codes to give discounts to registrants. Coupons can be fixed amount or percent, assigned to all or selected events/categories, limited in usage, and exported/imported to/from CSV/Excel file.

  • Multiple Registration Options: Allow individual registration, group registration with discount, and shopping cart for registering multiple events at once.

  • Powerful Custom Fields: Create custom fields with 17 field types, conditional fields, and custom fee fields for registration fee calculations.

  • Multiple Ticket Types: Define any number of ticket types with different prices and capacity available for purchase, and collect member information for each purchased ticket.

  • Emails Notification: Send notification emails to administrator and confirmation emails to registrants. Also, send reminder emails and mass/batch mail to registrants.

  • PDF Tickets and Invoices: Send PDF tickets with QRCODE for checking-in and generate PDF invoices for paid registrations.

  • Cancel Registration, Deposit Payment, and Waiting List: Allow registrants to cancel registration before a certain date, enable deposit payment for upfront fee, and enable waiting list for full events.

Ready to streamline your event management? Try out our platform and enjoy the benefits of flexible pricing, powerful custom fields, multiple ticket types, email notifications, and much more. Sign up now and make your next event a success!